Online Payment Terms and Conditions

Members who submit their payments online agree to have read and abide by the following Terms and Conditions.


Applicants must be free from conviction for any offence relating to metal detecting activities, must have no such legal cases pending against them at the time of application, and shall not have been expelled from or refused membership of any NCMD affiliated club or other recognised metal detecting organisation , for activities which could bring that body or hobby into disrepute.

Membership is granted at the discretion of the NCMD, to individuals who fulfil the required criteria and pay the subscription at the current rate. There is no facility for family or discounted membership.

All members will agree to adhere to the constitution of the NCMD abide by the decisions of the Council, and observe its code of conduct at all times.

All members will enjoy all the privileges offered to individual members of affiliated clubs, except that representation at general meetings of the NCMD will be through the Individual and associate member secretariat, who will be appointed by the general committee. Members do not have voting powers at NCMD meetings, but may attend meetings to observe or petition the officers and committee at an agreed time following advance notice in writing.

Members will not commit the NCMD to any financial, legal or political undertaking without the express permission of the general committee in writing.

The committee of the NCMD retain the right to expel, suspend or reprimand any members who do not conduct themselves within the terms of these conditions. The NCMD reserves the right to demand return of all membership and insurance cards, issued to members, which remain the property of the NCMD at all times.

The NCMD reserve the right to refuse membership to any individual, at any time, without the need to give reason for that refusal.

Secure Online Membership Payment Processing

The National Council for Metal Detecting does not store credit card details. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information. All such transactional data is handled securely by our payment gateway.

Membership Activation

Once your online membership application has been submitted and paid for, you will receive an e-mail receipt. This acts as your proof of membership until your card arrives. Please allow up to 21 working days for delivery of your membership card as we can be extremely busy.

Refunds and Cancellations

With any new membership or renewal, we offer a 14 day cooling off period. If you have received your membership card within this time, please return it to us, unmarked,  for a full refund within 48 working hours of receipt. In the first instance, please contact us so that we can process your cancellation. We will, of-course, try to resolve the problems you are having before the cancellation is activated.

If any member is found to be in breach of the NCMD code of conduct, we reserve the right to terminate their membership at any time. In this instance, no refund will be given.