Under 16s Memberships

If you are an NCMD member who is a Parent or Guardian of an under 16-year-old, then you are eligible to sign them up for free membership.

They will have their own Under 16 Card (U16) which will be sent to you (not applicable to Overseas Members).

You will also be able to download their digital card via your login. Note that the Free under 16 membership will be attached to your membership login rather than having one of its own. The U16 will not be able to download or use the NCMD App unless they have a paid membership each year.

Please also note that the U16 card is only valid if the U16 member is accompanied/supervised by an Adult NCMD member whilst detecting. This is to protect our reputation and validate the Insurance Cover.

If you are an existing member, you can sign up Under 16s from your account area.