Create your own club or register an existing one

If you are an established metal detecting club with NCMD members – or even if you are thinking about creating your own brand-new club – we can help get you started by sending your club information to our members. They can be grouped by postcode to ensure you only get local members joining.

We have a wealth of information to help new clubs get started, plus of course, your committee members will be covered from day one for any club activities such as organising meetings or club detecting days.

NCMD members who are Officers, Committee Members, and Volunteers of Registered Clubs on our directory are covered by NCMD Insurance whilst carrying out their duties. If you wish to register without appearing on the public directory you may opt out from being listed.

Thank you for submitting your application!

We look forward to reviewing your submission.

About You

This is for our internal records only and will not be shown in the club directory,

About Your Club

Do you have a Chair, Treasurer and Secretary, a minimum of three Club Officers?
Do you have a constitution?
Are you a not-for-profit club?
Do you have regular face to face club meetings?
Do you have a database of all your members names, phone numbers, postal and email addresses?
Do all your members have NCMD membership?
Are you currently taking on new members?
Did you know that any NCMD member is insured as a committee member/officer of your club?

NCMD Club Directory

The NCMD website features a public directory of clubs which visitors may browse to find a metal detecting club near them. If you do not wish to appear on this directory, please opt-out below.

Contacting Your Club

Visitors to the club directory may send an email enquiry to clubs they have an interest in joining. Please enter the most appropriate email address for such enquiries above.

Enquiries will be sent via a contact form and your email address will not be shown on the site.

Note that all submissions are subject to review by NCMD before being accepted for inclusion in the directory.