See Articles by Trevor Austin on the Treasure Valuation Committee as appeared in THE SEARCHER and TREASURE HUNTING magazines and also the advice on submitting valuations to the committee.

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To encourage responsible behaviour by finders, the likely market value of each Treasure find is established by the independent Treasure Valuation Committee.

The Committee is made up of experts in the various types of antiquity likely to be inspected, an official from the leading metal detectorist body, and an expert on museums and their collections. 

It values each Treasure find on the basis of willing buyer/willing seller, and expects Treasure finds to have only had a light cleaning to help its identification. The finder, the find site owner, and the acquiring museum are informed of the valuation. 

Once all parties have accepted the valuation, the museum is invoiced for the agreed amount.  

As soon as the Crown receives the agreed valuation, ownership of the Treasure item passes to the museum, and it is this sum which is then made as ex gratia payments for the finder and the find site owner.