The NCMD Subscription rate for 1st April 2016 to 31st March 2017 is as follows.
Individual Membership (Central Register) £8-00
Central Register Club Membership £8-00
Individual Membership (of a NCMD Region) £6-00 plus Regional Levy)
NCMD Regional Club Membership £6-00 plus Regional Levy
For a description of different grades of membership see "About us"

Individuals who are not, or do not wish, to be members or associated with a club can join the NCMD in one of two ways:
(1) Individual and Associate member as a member of an NCMD Region which operates this facility. (Regions which operate this facility are, Midlands Region, and Yorkshire Region.) Members who wish to join one of these Regions must not use the online payment. But print out a membership form and send to the appropriate RegionalSecretary.

For detectorists in Scotland, the Scottish Region also provides Individual & Associate Membership which includes exclusive free access to SCRAN a valuable resource with 390,000 images and media from museums, galleries and archives. The Scottish Region also has a PayPal facility and members who wish to join by this method should click here Scottish Region

(2) Individual and Associate member registered directly with the National Council.
You can pay or renew your membership online using the Pay Now button below.
When using the online payment facility, you do not need to send in an application form, by paying online you agree to abide by the online payment terms and conditions (seee PDF below).

PayPal customers. your details will be sent to us by Paypal. Please make sure they are up to date and include your full name.

Please Note: Membership runs from 1st April to 31st March.
Subscription payment is therefore for the specified period or part thereof.
Online payment terms and conditions.

Membership card and any documentation will be sent to you by post.


Please Note your Receipt from PayPal is your proof of Membership until your Card arrives.

Also can you please make sure your PayPal details are up to date if paying by PayPal

As of the 1st December new members will be able to join the NCMD for 10 as a special offer that will give them Membership from 1st December 2016 to 31st March 2018
If your Membership has expired please use New Member not Renewal

Membership option
Members Full Name
Previous Membership Number

The NCMD offers its members representation at local and government level on all matters relating to the hobby of metal detecting.

All members receive free civil liability insurance up to £10,000,000 which includes cover both in the UK and while attending organised metal detecting outings abroad (Cover available to UK residents only:-see Insurance)

A voice at all NCMD meetings through elected officers and representatives.

Our own colour newsletter "Digging Deep"

These are just a few of the benefits available to NCMD members.
Send a stamped addressed envelope to:

John Rigby
Membership Secretary
6 Arkholme Ave